Most of the times beauty is in simplicity. Its best expression comes straight from nature.

Early Bird

Catches the worm. I doubt due to the rain, but the sounds in combination with the icon is remarkable.

Ctrl, Alt, Del

 I always remember my computer professor these days of the year, at the beginning of the New Year, in a time we all have high hopes and expectations for the future and sometimes we want to forget the past. That old fellow, he was about sixty when we were students at the University was saying:  “And don’t forget, when things get hard there is always the magic combination. Ctrl, alt, Del!” and he winked smiling. 

Every time I heard this phrase I thought that it would be so nice if and in real life we could press those buttons and start over again whenever we felt to. And in a way is this what we do every New Year’s eve? We pause time and make new beginnings. 

It’s a nice method of restarting our lives like PC does when we puss the magic trio. Besides I like to think that these three buttons have a symbolical meaning _ ctrl stands for control major aspect in our lives, alt for the alternatives which all we should have and last but not least Del holds all the magic because it deletes whichever blocks our system and lives. 

So many years later, as an adult, I reach at the conclusion that this winked smiling which followed the magic phrase was nothing but common! It was a hidden message that we some of us would understand when time comes. 

Happy New Year Professor! 

Christmas presents

This year I was waiting Christmas with hope and anxiety. 

Hope for a nice, warm, and full of love and presents Christmas day and anxiety because as always I left last minute some gifts to buy. 

But despite all obstacles, time or money, I always care for an impressive, nice and festive gift wrapping. 

It is this time of year that people give extra care for their gifts, and they want them to look irresistible at first sight. 

I personally choose to do the wrapping on my own by buying paper, glitter, ribbon, bow ties and stickers and per case improvise. It is one of a few times that I have to admit that appearance counts. Or as the oldies say the first impression is the strongest one! 

Merry Christmas to you all!!! 

My first ballerina

18 December 2019

This ballerina is a Christmas ornament I bought at a Christmas bazaar a few years ago. I remembered again today the moment I saw it on the table, with its missing hand, impressive and beautiful.

It was put at the table in such a way so it’s missing hand not to be seen. Many potential buyers passing by but no one bought it.

In the beginning I could not understand why, I was enough far away so I could not listen nor seen well.

My curiosity was increasing so I step closer and tried to look at the ballerina. My first impression was breathtaking, she was so beautiful that I did not notice immediately that she had only one hand.

But I heard the seller saying “she is pretty, isn’t she? It’s a pity she is broken!”

Suddenly I felt like someone punched me in the face. I didn’t realize in that moment if that old woman in front of me was talking about the ballerina or me.

Spotanuesly I replied “the fact that she is different, that she has only one hand doesn’t mean that she is not worth as much as any other ballerina-ornament! She is meant to be in a Christmas tree and that’s what it shall be done!”

I picked her from the table in front of the astonished lady and I thought that is exactly how most people think. When you are not compatible with the expectations of the other people, when something happens and you are no longer healthy or desirable in the common way, no one wants you.

People passing by, they look at you but they are not seeing you. The only thing you can do is waiting for the right person .someone who will be suitable for you because is going to see the beauty behind the surface.

And you should believe this is the beauty that lasts in time, like the ballerina in my tree who is the real star of Christmas!

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