Ctrl, Alt, Del

 I always remember my computer professor these days of the year, at the beginning of the New Year, in a time we all have high hopes and expectations for the future and sometimes we want to forget the past. That old fellow, he was about sixty when we were students at the University was saying:  “And don’t forget, when things get hard there is always the magic combination. Ctrl, alt, Del!” and he winked smiling. 

Every time I heard this phrase I thought that it would be so nice if and in real life we could press those buttons and start over again whenever we felt to. And in a way is this what we do every New Year’s eve? We pause time and make new beginnings. 

It’s a nice method of restarting our lives like PC does when we puss the magic trio. Besides I like to think that these three buttons have a symbolical meaning _ ctrl stands for control major aspect in our lives, alt for the alternatives which all we should have and last but not least Del holds all the magic because it deletes whichever blocks our system and lives. 

So many years later, as an adult, I reach at the conclusion that this winked smiling which followed the magic phrase was nothing but common! It was a hidden message that we some of us would understand when time comes. 

Happy New Year Professor! 

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