My first ballerina

18 December 2019

This ballerina is a Christmas ornament I bought at a Christmas bazaar a few years ago. I remembered again today the moment I saw it on the table, with its missing hand, impressive and beautiful.

It was put at the table in such a way so it’s missing hand not to be seen. Many potential buyers passing by but no one bought it.

In the beginning I could not understand why, I was enough far away so I could not listen nor seen well.

My curiosity was increasing so I step closer and tried to look at the ballerina. My first impression was breathtaking, she was so beautiful that I did not notice immediately that she had only one hand.

But I heard the seller saying “she is pretty, isn’t she? It’s a pity she is broken!”

Suddenly I felt like someone punched me in the face. I didn’t realize in that moment if that old woman in front of me was talking about the ballerina or me.

Spotanuesly I replied “the fact that she is different, that she has only one hand doesn’t mean that she is not worth as much as any other ballerina-ornament! She is meant to be in a Christmas tree and that’s what it shall be done!”

I picked her from the table in front of the astonished lady and I thought that is exactly how most people think. When you are not compatible with the expectations of the other people, when something happens and you are no longer healthy or desirable in the common way, no one wants you.

People passing by, they look at you but they are not seeing you. The only thing you can do is waiting for the right person .someone who will be suitable for you because is going to see the beauty behind the surface.

And you should believe this is the beauty that lasts in time, like the ballerina in my tree who is the real star of Christmas!

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